Ahmed al-Fishawi publishes new photos with his wife - lead generation

Artist Ahmed El-Fishawy published photos of his wife Nadia Kamel, and a group of his friends, including the artist Mahmoud Hamida. Artist Mustafa Khater and Muhammad Abdel Rahman also appeared in the photos published by Al-Fishawi on his official Instagram account, and Al-Fishawi commented: “My family, my love, my community and people.” Al-Fishawi also participated in the starring of the movie “Al-Harith”, which was recently shown on one of the electronic platforms, and participated in its starring Yasmine Rais, Ali Al-Tayeb and Asma Jalal in addition to the guests of honor, Bassem Samra, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Asma Abu Al-Yazid and Arifa Abdel-Rasoul Directed by Muhammad Nader Jalal Written by Muhammad Abdel-Khaleq Scriptwriting and Dialogue by Muhammad Abdul-Khaleq and Muhammad Ismail Amin. She left her hair down and wore calm makeup. After that, After its appearance, after, after, after, after, after, after, after, and after I began to watch the channel eyes at the time of its appearance.

Many Arab artists who share pictures of their wives through social networking sites and many newspapers that share Arab and artistic news, and therefore we always share with you these things that many of the audience who follow this wonderful artistic news are looking for And there was a big party in El Gouna, and there was a wedding, and it was Fancha, and this number of art stars.

lead generation is everything right now . he always search about the lead generation with his wife , now all sites magazines talked about that

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