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Apple files new court papers in its case against Epic Games

Tech giant Apple has filed a final file in its ongoing legal battle with Epic Games, arguing that an injunction targeting anti-direction in the App Store should be eliminated.

In a cross-appeal memorandum filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Apple makes its argument for why the anti-directive injunction is "legally improper," Apple Insider reports.

More specifically, the iPhone maker argues that the court issued an "unprecedented finding" even though Epic did not prove harm, the report said, and the memo states: "Epic failed to prove direct or indirect harm."

"In district court, at no time did Epic provide any evidence of factual harm," she added.

The UCL ruling should be overturned for this reason alone.” Apple made several key arguments, including that Epic Games had not established its legal requirement to "stand", because Epic Games is no longer an iOS developer and cannot be hit by guidelines that only apply. on this category.

In addition, Apple said there was not enough evidence to prove that the anti-directive clause actually caused harm to competition in the market, and the tech giant also said that the injunction improperly applied to all iOS developers, and because Epic chose not to participate in a lawsuit Collectively, by filing its own lawsuit against Apple, the company says it is the only plaintiff to whom the injunction can apply.

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