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Apple introduces a version of the iPhone 14 without a SIM card port

iPhones were among the first devices to gain eSIM support, as Apple first introduced eSIM support with the launch of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and all iPhones launched since then, except for the iPhone SE, support eSIM It also comes with a physical SIM slot, but it's possible that Apple will get rid of the latter at least in some areas.

The Wall Streed Journal reported that the tech giant plans to offer an eSIM variant only with the iPhone 14 series in some regions, and according to the report, Apple has already started asking carriers in the US to prepare for the only eSIM variant for upcoming iPhones.

And the company isn't expected to launch eSIM variants just everywhere, but it's likely to be the company's first step in that direction, and although eSIM adoption has increased and most carriers around the world now offer eSIM support and certainly not that surprising, it's still The question arises: if the world was ready to ditch the physical SIM card slot from their smartphones.

The eSIM provides many advantages to the users, firstly, it provides a lot of space inside the smartphone which can be used for other components like battery, more camera modules, better thermal systems etc. Apart from that, the eSIM is also more secure than physical SIM cards In case of theft or theft of devices, since it is a digital SIM card, telecom service providers can also send security update to devices simultaneously and also remotely check for network issues.

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