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Learn about the new Apple Watch features in the screen and the huge battery

Apple's smartwatch lineup has got a new member this year, one that's all about toughness and aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts. Buyers also have to pay a pretty penny for it - maybe $700 or more.

Speaking of basic upgrades, the wearable will offer a 2-inch screen, the largest ever in an Apple smartwatch to date, and the Tim Cook-led company introduced a screen real estate to last year's Apple Watch Series 7, which came with a 1.9-inch screen.

The screen resolution on Apple's upcoming rugged smartwatch is said to be 410 x 502 pixels, and will offer all the bells and whistles of its more prevalent siblings. Trend.

The preferred casing material will also be sturdier compared to the recycled aluminum found in the current generation of Apple smartwatches, and the battery size is also rising, ensuring that fitness enthusiasts can last longer with their fitness regimen without having to put their watch down. Smart on tablet charging.

Just like the vanilla Apple Watch Series 8, its rugged brother is also said to offer a temperature sensing feature that will tell users if they need to check for a fever, and some improvements are also being made on the software side of things. , suggests that the thicker smartwatch will also "improve tracking metrics such as altitude during hiking exercises and data while swimming".

Find another niche

It's no secret that the debut of the Apple Watch killed a certain arrogant Pebble, but so far the Apple Watch hasn't really been the preferred choice for discerning athletes, a chip where the likes of Garmin and Polar have made a name for themselves despite offering far fewer features compared to the Apple Watch.

Take for example Apple's newest and largest series, the Series 7 and it comes with a water resistance rating of up to 50 meters under ISO 22810:2010. To put it in simple terms, the IP6X-certified watch is only suitable for shallow water activities such as swimming in the pool or the ocean.

It might not be a good idea to take it to plunge into the deep sea, and Apple actually warns against wearing the Series 7 smartwatch for "snorkeling, water skiing, or other activities that involve high-speed water, or snorkeling under a shallow depth."

For extreme sports fans, this is seriously limiting, and the combination of Apple Watch Series 8 intelligence with a long-lasting battery and a robust architecture capable of handling the above scenarios seems like a surefire recipe.

And with Apple's polished program complemented by the industry's best-in-class fitness suite, and the already robust Apple Watch version looks like a winner, it remains to be seen if these upgrades call for a potential price tag, but it looks like we won't have long to wait before we find out for sure. .

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