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The next iPhone 14 may make a historic shift in the world of Apple

آيفون 14 القادم قد يحدث نقلة تاريخية فى عالم آبل

Some websites fascinated by technical affairs reported  that the iPhone fourteen can get options that iPhones haven't seen before, in line with RT. According to Emma McCullen, Director of Technical Services at GlobalData,

 "Some forthcoming iPhone fourteen models could also be void of ancient|the normal|the standard} slots for traditional SIM cards supposed for communication with cellular networks, and can get replaced by eSIM technologies that give direct communication with networks." Previous leaks indicated that the iPhone fourteen phones can get high-resolution screens, the frequency of which is able to reach a hundred and twenty hertz, and it'll even have bit ID technology, however its sensing element are integrated at the lowest of the screen presumably, and also the house allotted to the front camera and light-weight sensors on the screen can become smaller than it's It's on iPhone thirteen. For his half, the far-famed journalist Mark Gorman expected, “The iPhone phones {that can|which will|that may} be launched this fall will escort the perpetually

 On show feature, a feature that has been employed in Samsung phones and a few mechanical man phones for many years, through that the phone screen will show the time, date, battery standing and a few different data once The phone is off. Gorman identified that "the feature can are available in iPhone fourteen professional and professional gamma hydroxybutyrate phones solely, that area unit equipped with A16 processors and AMOLED screens with low-temperature crystal compound (LTPO) technology." And the leaked pictures of the forthcoming phones show that its external style is extremely almost like the look of the iPhone thirteen phones, aside from the holes at the highest of the screen.