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The US Army is developing a drone

Edge Autonomy has been awarded a contract to supply the US Army an undisclosed number of Penguin unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The new drones will be used for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

According to the company, the deal builds on nearly 25 years of providing high-performance drones to the US Department of Defense and NATO allies.

Edge Autonomy has not disclosed the value of the agreement nor the type of Penguin drones that will be provided.

Nevertheless, she said she was proud of her choice to support the missions of the US military.

"This sale represents the U.S. Army's continued recognition and confidence in the superior capabilities and service that our company provides, and we are honored to partner with the Department of Defense to bring the latest in unmanned technology to the fighter," said John Purvis, the company's CEO.

Penguin drones

The Penguin family of drones includes an electric variant of the Penguin B and Penguin C, both of which are capable of flying more than 20 hours.

The Penguin B can fly at a maximum speed of 129 kilometers per hour and is designed to operate in hostile environments and adverse weather conditions, and is equipped with an advanced electro-optical camera to capture high-resolution images.

The Penguin..C is a long-range surveillance and object tracking drone, a small moving target indicator and intelligence gathering, is waterproof, and also has a heating option that allows the drone to fly in cold weather conditions.

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