The US Army is developing a long-range precision targeting technology

Raytheon Corporation is building a prototype for the US Army's Access Node (TITAN) program.

As part of the deal, the company will build a tactical ground station to detect and track emerging threats and support precise, long-range targeting.

The station must collect data from space, ground, and air sensors to provide critical targeting information to various defense systems.

Raytheon's TITAN software solution provides multi-source intelligence support and improved situational awareness for station commanders, and prototype development will take 14 months.

The development of the TITAN prototype is part of the concept of joint command and control in all combat areas of the US Army.

The initiative seeks to connect advanced sensors with appropriate firing instruments from all military services in order to more effectively neutralize enemy assets.

In the same context, the US Department of Defense said that future conflicts may require decisions within hours, minutes, or even seconds, which necessitates the formulation of its modern concept of war.
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