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The Twitter platform is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the lawsuit it filed against Elon Musk to force him to abide by the agreement signed between them, according to which the billionaire pledged to buy the platform for $ 44 billion before withdrawing from this deal, according to the Emirati statement.

Among its anxious staff, hesitant advertisers, and constrained management, the platform finds itself a few days before its first court hearing in a difficult situation.

"The best outcome for me would be if we were left alone, to go our own way," said an engineer working for the social networking site, who asked not to be named.

The engineer revealed the departure of employees and "an atmosphere of anxiety that does not leave anyone in a calm state of mind."

"We're still trying to do our job normally because the reasons why we want to work for Twitter are still there," he added.

But there was nothing fundamentally normal about Musk's offer, and he later retracted it, saying that the platform's management had not provided reliable information about the number of fake accounts on the network.

He then criticized the network, including on its platform, in tweets mocking its board.

She saw that the most loyal advertisers were more likely to stay with her, but those less committed to Twitter may have cut back on advertising while waiting for the end result.

Angelo Caruson, president of monitoring group Media Matters, believes the damage has already been done because Musk has been critical of content management.

While hate and misinformation at home is widely fought, many advertisers are making efforts in this regard, seeking to prevent their brands from being associated with offensive messages.

In early May, Caruson said, during an annual marketing event where companies negotiate large ad deals, Twitter was "unable to provide any clarity or confidence to advertisers" that it would remain a safe site to display their ads.

"Their sales numbers were a long way from what they normally achieve at these events, and it's clear that demand has been slow since then," he added.

The San Francisco-based social media platform cannot lose customers.

Unlike giants such as the Meta Group, the parent company of Google and Facebook, which dominates electronic advertising and made billions of dollars in profits, Twitter lost hundreds of millions of dollars in 2020 and 2021.

Twitter will get less than one percent of global advertising revenue in 2022, according to eMarketer, compared to 12.5 percent for Facebook, 9 percent for Instagram, and about 2 percent for the emerging platform Tik Tok.

Moreover, Twitter's user base is not expected to grow significantly, and may even shrink in the United States, according to Williamson, an analyst at iMarketer.

Musk sparked the appetite of potential investors with his previous talk about fivefold revenue growth and reaching one billion users by 2028.

Instead, a court battle is unfolding that "ends either with the acquisition of Twitter by a resentful investor who ultimately decides he does not want it, or leaving Twitter alone and weaker than it was before it all began," according to Williamson.

The battle is expected to continue for months as economic headwinds persist and companies are forced to monetize new audio and video formats, diversify revenue streams and attract a younger audience.

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