WhatsApp launches the feature to delete messages within text conversations for a period of up to 60 hours

The WhatsApp instant messaging application has launched a revolutionary new service that allows its users to delete messages within text conversations, within a period of up to 60 hours after sending them, even if they are read by the other party, according to the Emirati statement.

The feature of deleting messages within new text conversations was not available before, until 2017, when the application allowed the ability to delete text messages after sending them, and it has been updating it throughout all those years, bringing the maximum allowed deletion to an hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds, before it arrived with the launch The last to 60 hours, that is, two days and 12 hours. According to Sky News Arabia.

As for the secret behind WhatsApp’s interest in increasing the period allowed for deletion periodically, social media expert Muhammad Al-Harthy says that it came in response to the users’ wishes, so that the user has a sufficient period of time to reconsider the messages, which he sends to the other party, and thus think well of their content, and be In his hand the option to delete them.

And the social media expert adds, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, that “the feature, which includes texts, images and video, came to preserve the privacy of the user’s messages, by destroying the messages that he does not want to keep for a longer period of time from his phone and the other party’s device.” .

The social media expert adds, "It also helps to keep the phone's memory clean and free from copies of saved conversations and media."

The new feature of WhatsApp, was beta number, and became available to some Android users, and it is expected that it will soon be available to all smartphone users.

WhatsApp had released 3 new updates, including services for using emojis to respond to messages, the ability to share huge files of up to 2 GB, and doubling the maximum size of group chats from 256 to 500 participants.

WhatsApp also added the feature to increase the number of people who can participate in group video calls from 8 people to 32 people.
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