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NetSuite for Startups and Small Businesses (All you need to know)

NetSuite for Startups and Small Businesses!

The day-to-day work of owners of startups and small businesses can be busy and full of different tasks. It can be hard to keep track of all the little tasks and details. Basic software, on the other hand, relies on manual processes and doesn’t give your company the kind of clear visibility that can help it grow. And solutions that do everything can be pricey. Start-ups and small businesses can use NetSuite to do this.

There are many things to think about when choosing the software your business will use. Learn why NetSuite is the best ERP for small businesses and new businesses:

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Why NetSuite for Startups and Small Businesses Works

Any new or small business owner will tell you that it costs money to run a business. Whether your business is one of the ones backed by the growing number of venture capital investments or you pay for everything out of your pocket, you need to be careful about what you spend.

But it’s important to invest in business software to keep things running smoothly and encourage growth. You could use one program to do your accounting and another to keep track of your inventory, but, likely, the two won’t work well together. These problems can be solved by an enterprise resource planning solution, but they can be costly.

NetSuite is an affordable option for businesses that need a single source of truth. It is real ERP software that runs in the cloud and is made to grow with your business. NetSuite gives you real-time access to your company’s data and has business intelligence tools built in to help you make decisions that will help your business grow.

NetSuite offers a full suite of software tools, such as financial reporting, supply chain management, e-commerce, human resources, order management, and more, as a complete solution. These powerful applications are based on roles, which makes them easier to use and navigate based on the user’s department and job.

This all-around view shows how your company’s processes work at every stage, from beginning to end. When combined with real-time data, this feature gives you the freedom and insight to find strengths and weaknesses that need to be fixed to make room for growth. NetSuite will grow with you as your business does.

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NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition – NetSuite Small Business Pricing

One of the best things about NetSuite for a new or small business is that it can run all of its operations on a single platform. But small businesses may not be able to afford full solutions. The SuiteSuccess Starter Edition from NetSuite is an all-in-one solution that makes ERP easier for small businesses to use.

When startups and small businesses choose NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition, they are not choosing a watered-down ERP with light versions of key applications and less functionality. Companies will get the whole system, which is made to fit the needs of a small business. This includes the NetSuite Professional Services Activation, which is a low-cost activation in which NetSuite consultants will convert your business data, set up your system, walk you through a process walkthrough, train you, and help with go-live support. The discounted activation, which is worth about $70,000, gets your business online with NetSuite faster and for less money.
NetSuite Professional Services Activation – Implementation at Low Cost

As part of the NetSuite Professional Services Activation, roles are set up for 10 or fewer users on the NetSuite platform. By the end of the first phase, the software is up and running with your most important tools, such as financials, customer relationship management, CRM, inventory management, and more. SuiteSuccess Starter Edition also comes with at least 95 pre-built reports, roles that are already set up, dashboards, and business intelligence metrics.

With a focused, low-cost implementation, your business can get a faster return on its investment. With the SuiteSuccess Starter Edition, a business can be up and running on NetSuite in days instead of nine months or longer. Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to change your software to fit the needs of your business and add any third-party apps you may need.
Consider the Following Options

What should you do now that your company is using NetSuite? Your requirements may change as your company grows and expands. Fortunately, NetSuite may be customized to meet your specific needs. Among the options are: OptimizationSuiteAssistComplete Licensing

Examine your business and the functionality of your software to see if you’re getting the most out of your investment. Consider your business objectives, current technology, system architecture, manual procedures with automation potential, and reporting and analytics capability. To better meet your business objectives, you can add modules or additional features such as financial management, project management, and more.
To Get Started

How can NetSuite help your small business or start-up grow? You can ask them. Contact them to find out more about the software and how NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition makes it easy to use at a low cost.

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