Operating systems and their types

The concept of operating systems

Working frameworks are known as the product frameworks in which all product and projects work, for example, Web programs, media programs, content editing programs, and other famous projects, and these frameworks deal with the memory of the PC and the tasks that are performed on it; Without it, the PC would have no utilization by any means, and working frameworks are typically stacked on any gadget prior to buying it, as the PC needs a working framework to work completely, and working frameworks can likewise be characterized as projects of an extraordinary sort that go about as a proper connection point between the client and PC parts.

Types of operating systems

  • Working frameworks shift in light of multiple factors. 
  • They contrast among themselves regarding working strategies, show, parts, and the motivation behind their utilization, and furthermore vary as per the freshness of the gadget utilized, however the most unmistakable thing that recognizes one framework from another is known as the authority interface (GUI); These connection points permit the client to involve the mouse for direction, different menus, and show everything on the screen, whether illustrations or messages, and so on, and each working framework has an alternate point of interaction in shape, appearance, and technique for use, and there are numerous PC working frameworks, yet there are three projects that are the most famous Among others, they are: Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Working frameworks have seen an extraordinary improvement after some time, and Windows is the most famous PC framework beyond question, as most of clients manage gadgets with cutting edge Windows frameworks, while Android and iOS frameworks operating system overwhelms the working frameworks of telephones, and Android is more far reaching a result of its utilization in the telephones of many organizations, while the iOS framework is utilized for Apple telephones.


  1. The circle working framework, Dos was the main working framework utilized for PC connection points, and it was delivered by (IBM) in 1981 Promotion. 
  2. PCs required working frameworks because of the spread of PCs, and the need of having a working framework that deals with the PC and works with its utilization. 
  3. So the DOS framework showed up, which works utilizing message based interfaces, which give different straightforward guidelines and orders, and these orders are sent and gotten by the program as letters and images.

The DOS working framework is recognized, particularly at the hour of its delivery.

 With the accompanying: 
  •  A free working framework.
  •  It helps in overseeing records with high proficiency, because of its light weight and little size.
  •  Load documents from the hard plate to the principal memory rapidly and effectively.
 In light of the old and crude DOS framework, there are numerous downsides to the program; Generally eminently the accompanying:
  •  There are no various undertakings for him.
  •  doesn't uphold autoplay; That is, each order should be composed by the client.
  •  Its Smash doesn't surpass 640 MB.


The Windows working framework is one of the most popular and unmistakable working frameworks for PCs, and it is the most utilized working framework all over the planet. Due to its straightforwardness and convenience, the main rendition of this program showed up in 1985 Promotion by Microsoft Partnership; It was at first a helper realistic board for composing orders in the DOS framework, and in 1995 Promotion, the primary free arrangement of this organization showed up with the point of completely controlling the PC working framework without the requirement for manual section for each order, notwithstanding that it made another expansion that was not accessible before it; It is playing video and computer games.

 After the arrival of the main autonomous working framework in 1995 Promotion, many duplicates of Windows were delivered throughout the long term; The most unmistakable of these deliveries, in sequential request, are as per the following:
  • Windows 98.
  •  Windows 2000.
  •  Windows XP .
  •  Windows 7.
  •  Windows 8.
  •  Windows 10.
  • Windows 11.
The Windows framework totally controls all PC connection points and programming, and this framework has many highlights; The most significant of which are the accompanying:

  1.  Straightforwardness of purpose; It can basically be utilized by anybody.
  2.  high efficiency; Through it, data sets, introductions, documents, and different orders can be created.
  3.  The best gaming working framework.
  4.  Programming update naturally.
  5.  Extraordinary and unending help for any issue the client faces from Microsoft, the producer.


The Linux working framework is one of the most famous and utilized among working frameworks. It is like the manner in which Windows works, yet it is an open framework. That is, it permits clients to get to all PC equipment and framework applications to execute and alter the cycle, and what recognizes it is that there is no single organization answerable for its turn of events, yet rather relies upon the cooperative advancement framework between organizations.

LINUX has numerous attributes, including What follows:
  • Free.
  •  Simple to introduce. open source; That is, its framework can be effortlessly adjusted, in contrast to Windows.
  •  Hard to hack and communicate infections to it.
 This framework is utilized specifically in many assignments; The most unmistakable of which are the accompanying:
  • Tracking down other PC equipment mistakes and attempting to fix them.
  •  Constructing and facilitating sites. Making network servers at a modest expense.

Mac OS

Macintosh operating system is an old framework, it was delivered by the American Macintosh Organization, in 1984 Promotion, and it depended on the designs framework not at all like different frameworks, yet presently after the obtaining of the framework by Apple Inc, it has become predominantly expected for Apple Mac gadgets Tablet and versatile gadgets, and the framework controls the connection point for utilizing these gadgets, and the activity, refreshing and improvement of utilizations.

There are many highlights and attributes accessible in the Macintosh operating system Most remarkable are the accompanying:
  • Less complex UI than other working frameworks.
  •  A coordinated working framework that covers every one of the requirements of Apple gadget clients.
  •  High security from hacking and infections.
  •  It offers a ton of free applications connected to the framework.


The Android working framework (Android) was delivered without precedent for 2008 Promotion by Google, and it is one of the most famous working frameworks for cell phones and tablet PCs. Free applications that can be downloaded by the client.

 The Android framework has countless highlights; The most conspicuous of which are the accompanying:
  1. Super durable advancements of the framework, its projects and applications.
  2. Download applications from outside the Google Store that accompanied the framework.
  3. The capacity to grow the memory joined to the framework.
  4. There are numerous helper media applications in it, like the schedule, climate, notice, and other valuable applications.


IOS is characterized as a unique portable working framework that sudden spikes in demand for cell phones, PCs, and tablets of Apple Inc. It is the second biggest working framework on the planet with 13.4% of clients after Android, the primary on the planet, and its working framework is like Macintosh and Android frameworks. Notwithstanding, the profile information must be gotten to and adjusted by the framework's fashioners.

The popular IOS framework has many elements; Generally remarkably the accompanying:
  • The point of interaction of the framework is not difficult to utilize.
  •  More than 1.2 million applications are accessible in the framework store.
  •  Protected and stable working framework.
  •  Top notch of the picture caught by the gadgets that work with this framework.
  •  multilingual framework; That is, it tends to be downloaded by picking any famous language on the planet.


The Haiku working framework is one of the advanced open source frameworks that utilizes the NewOS working framework, which started to be utilized in 2001 under the name (OpenBeOS), and this framework enjoys a few benefits that we list as follows:
  • It is open source and free.
  •  simple to utilize.
  •  A strong working framework that is difficult to debilitate. quick framework.

Chrome OS

Chrome operating system is a kind of particular working framework. It relies upon the Chrome framework and applications just, and its customizing relies upon the qualities of Linux bits. It was first delivered on June 15, 2011 by Gentoo Linux, and was created by Google. This framework was made and grown explicitly for Chromebooks, however it tends to be utilized On different PCs.

  • Chrome operating system has many elements, which are as per the following: 
  • An exceptionally strong working framework.
  •  Free framework. Free extra room of around 100 GB. exceptionally light.
  •  Support for Android applications.


 working framework is perhaps of the littlest framework in the realm of working frameworks. It is just around 1.44 MB of the extra room of the gadget, and a straightforward working framework was customized by low level computing construct from the software engineer (Ville Turjanmaa), and it tends to be downloaded and utilized for any gadget and with another working framework, yet the framework can't be changed; The source code is shut to the general population, and this writing computer programs is still a work in progress until now.


The (eComStation) framework is the most un-known working framework, and it was made by Microsoft and (IBM), and after Microsoft deserted this framework, (IBM) assumed control over its development,
 however this framework has a few detriments that spread the word about it quite possibly of the most un-working framework, Maybe the most noticeable of these are the accompanying: 
  •  A sluggish framework.
  •  It consumes a lot of gadget memory.
  •  not free.


working framework is one of the one of a kind and various frameworks from the other working frameworks, as it is intended for insurance, encryption, and secrecy during the utilization of the Web, and the program is created by the Linux organization, and it is utilized by a unique program called (Pinnacle) that ensures classification, protection and security for the client, Tails is portrayed by the way that it can't be downloaded to the hard plate of the gadget. Rather, it works naturally from an outside hard plate that contains this framework, and this increments protection and security.

operating system functions

The working framework performs a large number of the capabilities that utilize a PC feasible for people. Considering that script isn't like human language, and managing it requires a product language that assumes the part of middle person between the client and the PC with its different parts, and these capabilities are summed up as follows:
  1.  The working framework executes different projects and applications.
  2.  It performs information and result tasks, for example, dealing with the console, screen, and sound.
  3.  Amends programming mistakes that happen during the execution of different cycles and programming.
  4.  It handles unique framework records and directs the utilization of PC parts.
Working frameworks are a gathering of great programming planned by experts and plan specialists, and the significance of working frameworks is many; It is addressed in the way that it controls electronic gadgets, and works with the utilization of the different devices in them. Utilizing any PC or telephone without a working system is unimaginable. Any product and application must be opened and utilized with the fitting working framework.
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