Owner Rozy Magazine مؤسس مجله روزي

Moda Gharib
مودا غريب

Moda Gharib 
Real name ( Hussein Ramadan)
- 23 Years old . 
- Engineering Computer Programming
- Web Developer
- Owner Of Rozy Magazine
- Live in Egypt and USA
- Founder Of Rozy Magazine and Rozy company in Egypt


2014 First award From Digital access Company in Dubai about made ads and programming 
2015 get much awards From much country's and Google. and Acrew Company in France about the security and SEO of sites in Google search 
2016 Get award From Egypt Government about the security sites in the Middle East .
2016 get the Award From Egypt university about programming and Design and Web developer .
2017 and 2018 Get Awards from Egypt about My Magazine " the magazine site have 85 million visitors and my info in google search 


Moda Gharib 
2013 Founded The Rozy Magazine 
2014 Work about Magazine Site 
2015 The Magazine start Work 
2016 The magazine site get 25 million's visitors 
2017 and 2018 the Magazine site get 85 million visitor's 

Programmer, Social and digital media consultant , Google Adsense premium
Rozy magazine Journal of Arab-famous Internet sites this magazine is working with Google Inc., which is owned by the founder of Moda Ghraib, was founded in late 2014
It is now considered one of the largest magazines in the Arab world so far.


Moda Ghraib
Young Egyptian at the age of nineteen years, in 2008, it has been following the penetration and the Internet in the village where he was born in the Republic of Egypt, learn the computer by himself and did not have the assistance of any one in this period
Egypt was weak in education in everything, he joined Moda Gharib a school in the town of Beni Suef .


In 2009 he joined the Moda Gharib in junior high school when he beat the second place in the study of the city that had been living in Egypt, at the end of the year was Moda larger hacker in Egypt, in the destruction of sites blocked and manufacture of special programs the world of hackers.


In 2010 was the birth of works on the Internet in one of the sites make money and he had succeeded where

Earn a lot of money and it was the first thing to him that helps the poor.

 In 2011 Moda was in the last year of the preparatory stage outweigh them to move to the high school and was also pursuing his work on the Internet and penetration, at the end of the year he had helps people and gives free lessons to people of the village and the city that was until they learn reading, writing and computer and the Internet and everything in that time.


Moda in 2012 was the first place in the Egyptian hacker contest came on the seventh day of the Egyptian newspaper and famous in the Arab world.


In 2013 he arrived the owner of Facebook company Marc Zucker Berg to talk to him on the Internet and was the first conversation between them on Facebook at the end of 2013 when he learned that Moda someone a genius and very good in the online world, Moda he discovers new vulnerabilities own hacker and destroy Facebook accounts and sent to Facebook centers and provides them with big aid and became Moda trading with a lot of businessmen and recognize them.

Moda in 2014 he got a job in the Internet with Google Inc., with its beginning in the work of an online magazine, which named by the name of Rozy

He was very famous in this period and became a trading until the end of the year.

In 2015 he became Moda owns the famous Arab Journal online Rozy
He also became famous Rozy has a page Photographer which has become one of the biggest thread in the Arab world

And also it has been following its own imaging with the poor and provide them with assistance in all the time . 

In 2016 Moda continues his work with a company Google your own magazine 

Comprehensive information
Moda Gharib , 1997/11/18.
Student in the College of Engineering
From Egypt . Cairo . 
site Moda is : . 
phone No : +97474405283