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What is the field of information technology

The field of data innovation

 The field of data innovation  is a designing field under which many disciplines are shown in colleges and establishments. The field is condensed as (IT). 

The data innovation field is keen on concentrating on numerous mechanical angles that remember specialized help for the field of PCs, organization and data set administration, frameworks examination, programming, the executives and plan of correspondence and PC frameworks, He is additionally keen on realizing the dialects utilized in PCs, web improvement, server the board, and Web development.

Parts of data innovation Data

 innovation has a few different names, for example, PC innovation, electronic data, and so on This innovation has obviously entered corporate and school systems, and this innovation comprises of a few parts, generally eminently the accompanying:


  It means the tangible physical components of the computer, or the hardware components of the technological devices ( Hardware), and these parts may be small, such as; The parts of the smartphone, or as large as those that make up supercomputers, and these devices include the peripheral parts connected to the computer; such as a keyboard, and an external storage drive.

computer programs

  Physical components, computer parts and other electronic devices need to be controlled and operated, and this is the benefit of computer softwares, which are divided into two types:

  • System software: It is the basic part of computer software systems, the most important of which are (Windows) and (iOS). 
  • Application software:  which are designed to perform specific tasks; Such as dealing with tables and texts, designing graphics or web pages, games, and other applications.


 Communication systems are the actual network to connect communications and computers with each other anywhere in this world, and these systems include local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN), and these connections are divided into two types:

  •  Wired communications: such as optical fibers and ethernet cables.
  •  Wireless communications: such as Wi-Fi networks.


  Data that can be retrieved using one or more criteria are collected by databases, and databases have become huge repositories with a large amount of data and information that can be collected and analyzed very quickly.

The importance of information technology

  Information technology has changed the world positively in the last decade, and the most affected by information technology is related to the development, processing and distribution of data systems, in addition to the development and design of computer hardware and systems, because this field is growing at a very fast pace, and this is what has been observed during the past years, and from Its growth is expected to continue in the future.

  There is great importance to information technology in the current era. The most important points of importance:

  The importance of information technology in business: Technology and information systems are among the pillars of corporate management, and many corporate departments rely mainly on information technologies such as:

  •   Finance or banking department.
  •   Department of Human Resources.
  •   Manufacturing department. Department of Protection and Security.
  1. The importance of information technology in management: Information technology and systems are important in the management of various companies, as it helps managers in their business and organizational operations, and information and data related to their work can be stored confidentially and securely. 
  2. The importance of information technology in education: Technology and information systems have great importance in modern education, as it helps students and teachers in their studies, better understanding of topics, and conducting research using the Internet.

Information technology related disciplines

  There are many academic disciplines related to information technology, and among these disciplines are the following: 

  • Computer & Information Technology: programs, computer systems, and programming languages, and deals with topics of artificial intelligence, graphics, and display techniques. 
  •  Computer Engineering:  His scientific knowledge in designing different devices and programs and programming them using different programming languages to raise the efficiency of applications and technological platforms.
  •  Computer Programming: Low-level and high-level, as it is concerned with linking programs to each other and detecting and fixing errors in them.
  •  Computer Science: This major is concerned with the study of algorithms, data structure, logic, and programming languages. It also deals with some tracks of artificial intelligence, computer graphics, databases, cryptography, scientific computing, and networks.
  •  Computer Systems, Networks, and Communications:This specialization is concerned with teaching students how to create, implement and manage computer systems and related programs.
  •  Management Information Systems: This specialization provides students with commercial and technical knowledge that enables them to be effective in light of economic changes. that occur around the world, where they can manage and design solutions related to corporate systems by using technology as a key element in this process.

Information technology jobs

  Information technology jobs are witnessing a rapid growth in demand for them. This is because almost all types of businesses need specialized employees in this field, as there are many jobs for graduates of information technology majors, the most important of which are the following:

  •   Business Analyst Technical Computer Services.
  • Cyber security specialist.
  •   Data analyst.
  •  Database administrator.
  •  Hardware engineer.
  •  Multimedia developer. 
  • Network manager. 
  • Network Engineer .
  •  programmer Software analyst. 
  • programs developer.
  •  Systems Administrator. 
  • systems engineer

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