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How to take professional photography with your mobile phone

How to take professional photography with your mobile phone
The mobile device can be used to take photographs, and below we will learn about some tips that can be followed to take pictures in a professional manner, as follows:

Clean the mobile phone camera lens with a clean cloth, as some mobile phone images may be blurry due to some lint that may collect on the camera lens.
Adjust the quality and accuracy of the mobile camera to the highest degree.
Do not add any frames to pictures before photographing them, as these frames may ruin a wonderful picture. Any frames can be added to these pictures after taking them.
Do not add any effects to the images on the mobile phone. These effects can be added by using specialized image editing programs.
Adjust the color balance in the camera.
Do not take pictures in which there is a large amount of brightness. Avoid taking photos that require a lot of camera focus on a specific point.

How to take a still photo on mobile
A person who owns an Android mobile phone can take a still photo using the camera on his mobile phone by performing a number of steps. These steps are as follows:

Run the camera application on the mobile phone.
Make sure the mobile camera is set to take a single photo and not to record video.
Pointing the camera at what the user wants to take a picture of.
Click on the image capture button that appears on the screen.

How to record a mobile screen
It is possible to take a picture of the screen of a mobile phone that runs on the Android operating system, version 4, or later versions of this system, by performing a number of steps, as follows:

Simultaneously press the power and volume down keys on the mobile phone.
Continue pressing the two keys until a sound sounds indicating that a picture of the mobile screen has been taken.
Release the power and volume down keys.

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