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Types of website hosting

What are the types of web hosting?

In order to publish websites on the World Wide Web, it is necessary to host them on what is called the digital space on which website files are located. There are several options for different types of hosting, and the most commonly used types are the following:

Shared website hosting

In this type, several sites share the use of a shared private computer called a server, so that the sites hosted on the Internet are stored on it. This server is responsible for providing information related to the different sites, and this method makes the websites available to Internet users.

There are many advantages of shared website hosting, which are as follows:
It has the flexibility to use shared hosting resources for websites according to the available budget. You do not need high technical skills and it is easy to use.
It can be used for different types of websites with different sizes. Virtual Server Hosting Virtual server hosting is an option for both shared and private servers, and is a suitable platform for personal websites, small and medium business websites, or e-commerce marketplaces.
There are many advantages of virtual server hosting, including the following:
Provides flexible, easy-to-use resources and tools. Possibility of configuring the server for shared hosting.
Scalability to increase website traffic. Relatively low cost compared to other server hosting.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is characterized by offering many tools and services designed specifically for hosted sites and often includes features such as:

One-click installation, automatic software updates, and the presence of a team to provide website owners with the necessary support and answer their various inquiries.
There are many features of WordPress hosting, including the following:

Provides personalized customer service 24/7.
Provides basic safety and protection features.
Easy access to the server via a private platform.
Ensuring speed in setup, performance and readiness.
Easy to add SSL certificates.
Saving service and maintenance expenses.

Dedicated server hosting

In this hosting, a server or several servers are allocated to one client, so that he has greater control over his site according to his requirements, including performance and security features. It also provides the physical server, environment, related services and technical support. The features of dedicated server hosting are numerous, including the following:

The ability to fully control the server, its applications and operating systems.
The ability to improve the dedicated server to support different applications.
Flexibility and the ability to easily change server configurations, add new programs, and modify resources in order to meet the different needs of the user, provides security, protection, and privacy.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting provides access to applications and websites using special tools, as a network of a group of virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, which ensures greater flexibility and higher scalability. The advantages of cloud hosting are numerous, including the following:

The ability to publish various applications in addition to websites without resorting to using an individual local server.
Providing the necessary resources and tools for the user’s needs according to the nature of his site.
Payment is made only for the resources that are used. Support for SQL (including MySQL) or NoSQL databases.
Easy to control using APIs, web portals and mobile apps.

Reseller hosting

This hosting is provided by server reseller companies, as it involves providing website space to other companies or individuals so that the website seller purchases a large amount of server storage space at a discounted wholesale price and then sells it in parts so that they can make a financial profit.
There are many advantages of reseller hosting, including the following:

Less material cost and expenses.
Providing a large number of resources according to the user’s need.
Complete control of resources.
The possibility of generating financial income through retail sales.
Easy access to the control panel and programming interface.

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